Preparing for the Heat Treatment:

24 hours prior to treatment, air conditioners should be turned off.

1. Please remove the following items.

  • House plants and pets—including fish in aquariums
  • Fresh foods—fruits, vegetables, etc. (can be removed or stored in refridgerator)
  • Food that may melt—chocolate, candy, etc.
  • Any prescription or over the counter medications except for those kept in the refridgerator.
  • Cosmetics
  • Wine bottles should be removed or placed in the refridgerator during the treatment.
  • Wax-based items—candles, wax figurines, oil paintings, etc.

2. Clear door openings of any obstruction. Easy access to all rooms is required.

3. Move bookcases, dressers, television stands, etc., at least 6 to 12 inches from the wall.

4. With exception to the items listed above, leave everything (clothing, bedding, furniture, televisions, computers, etc.) in place.

5. Ensure that all electronics are unplugged from outlets.

6. Place linens, towels, folded clothing, folded blankets/afghans, etc. loosely into open-weave laundry baskets to aid in distributing heat to all of these articles. Do not place clothing, linens or folded clothing into plastic bags (unless previously treated in a hot dryer for 40 minutes).

7. Arrange clothing on hangers or folded on shelves with a minimum of a ½ inch between each item. Clothing may remain in drawers if they fit loosely. In the event items do not fit loosely, place a number of the items in open weave baskets, loosely, to allow for sufficient space in the drawers.

8. Any clothing that is removed before treatment should be placed in a dryer at the maximum heat setting for 40 minutes before reintroduction to the residence. Following the cycle in the dryer, clothing should not be returned to the same container it was originally transported in.

9. Place loose papers in boxes (powerful fans will be used to distribute hot air).

10. Remove wall-mounted knickknack shelves, wall hangings, small pictures and any wall mounted articles. Our team will be moving through the structure with large and heavy equipment. Removal of these items is crucial to prevent damage.

11. Drain all waterbeds and deflate all air mattresses.


After Heat Treatment:

Your house may still be warm when you return, open windows and use fans to bring the temperature of the rooms down slowly.

Precautionary measures to avoid another infestation;


  • Avoid used furniture unless you can guarantee they are bug free.
  • When purchasing used clothes place in the dryer at high heat for 40 mins or longer.
  • When visitors are coming over you may ask if they have ever had bed bugs.
  • When staying in hotels check to see if there are bedbugs present.
  • Talk with your family members about steps they can take to prevent bringing bugs home.
  • Be cautious about where you hang your jackets and inspect where you sit.
  • Be Aware!